You’re Tired –

You’re Tired –

Of course You’re Tired – Why wouldn’t you be? Everything in your life is an energy drain, right? We really need to start asking ourselves: “Why?” Tired has many causes and we probably need to make a lot of life changes to fix that. If you are tired, in most cases it is because you are not excited about life.

I guarantee you, that even as tired as you are right now, if I told you that you had just won the lottery, you would tap into an instant source of abundant energy right within your own self. Tired is a state of mind that affects the state of your body and affects the outcomes of your life. We have to start somewhere to make a life change and gain life energy. I am personally right now going to buy a lottery ticket. See you at Publix.

There is one spiritual discipline that looks at an object from six different approaches to determine its truth. Take a look at your well being from these approaches: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, geographical and interpersonal. You may need to fix them all, but like the human glandular system, by healing one part, you improve the overall well being of all the parts. Exercise is proven to help as well, and at The Fitness Clinic gym Fort Lauderdale we can actually work on all the parts of you. Great People work and train at The Fitness Clinic, and they all care. If you’re tired and you haven’t come in for a visit, add it to your list and do it now. Call 954-491-4969 for an introduction and a tour, you’ll like the small club atmosphere and thirty years of success stories. If you’d like to take advantage of the best personal trainer programs in South Florida at The Fitness Clinic gym Fort Lauderdale, call Fred or Nick today.

This post includes material from the book You’re Fat and She’s Not, by Sachin Mayi. Sachin is the Founder of, a 501(c)3 charitable organization providing canine therapy and facilitating reading fluency improvement in Elementary School children through their Pawsitive Reading program.

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