Your Personal Ultimate Fitness Plan

Your Personal Ultimate Fitness Plan

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What do you do when you are finally ready to start your personal ultimate fitness plan? If you live in Fort Lauderdale or the immediate surrounding area, you’re going to head over to The Fitness Clinic gym and sit down for your complimentary fitness assessment and receive your exercise prescription. The Fitness Clinic is way more than a gym, and we don’t have ‘members,’ we have Clients. Most people join gyms with good intentions but perhaps unrealistic expectations, and unfortunately many do not see results and quit soon thereafter. Don’t join a gym to ‘get in shape’ – read on, and see if this process makes sense to you…

When you begin a program at The Fitness Clinic, the best Fort Lauderdale gym, we’ll start with a comprehensive fitness assessment. This includes Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate and medical history. We take into account any medications, limitations and any injuries you may have or have had. We test your Strength, Flexibility, Body Composition [Body Fat %] and Cardiovascular fitness along with a few measurements for future comparison. During this phase, we consider the results of your assessment and create and develop a program for you. No two people are quite the same; therefore no two people should have the exact same program. Together, we set goals and objectives encompassing your past experiences and consider your current schedule before we develop your program. Now set a time frame. Three months is usually a good initial timeline when beginning, and your commitment will govern your results over the three month period.

Our unique approach to fitness maximizes your chances for success, and that unique approach has been working for our clients for over thirty years! We don’t give you a membership card; we give you a personalized fitness program. When you have a plan, you’re more likely to stick with it, and when your program is consistently completed, you’ll start feeling better and start seeing results almost immediately. This increases your motivation geometrically. Have a plan, work your plan – your plan will work for you. Results equal compliance, and compliance and consistent completion create more results – and before you know it, you’re on your way to achieving your goals. Don’t just join another gym; let The Fitness Clinic in Fort Lauderdale help you shape a healthy lifestyle. You will begin your new dedicated program at The Fitness Clinic, and depending on your preference, as motivation builds, you may find yourself also frequenting various bodies of water, biking courses and running courses…

Most of our programs will include a combination of Cardiovascular Exercise, Strength Training, Flexibility, Nutrition and Core & Balance exercise. How much of each is determined by your current condition and your specific goals. We will create a personalized “fitness formula” for you in a safe, efficient and effective program — that guarantees results. On a one-to-one basis we will instruct you and implement your personal program and guarantee your results through science and supervision. You will become familiar with and be trained on a variety of equipment, your physical exercise time will be determined by your schedule, goals and motivation, and you’ll commit to a concentrated effort on healthy well-balanced eating. We will set up initial appointments for the purposes of instructing you on the details of your plan. During this time we will show you every aspect of what you’ll be doing at The Fitness Clinic gym.

To establish a once-and-for-all life program in which compliance is achievable, variety is present, and results are measurable and quantifiable. How much, how long, how hard and how often are all detailed; which exercises, how many reps and sets and when to increase, are all written on your chart – which is kept here. This helps us keep track of your attendance and progress. This is one of the main differences between joining a gym and being a Client at The Fitness Clinic in Fort Lauderdale.

Each week you will comply and complete your exercise prescription as outlined for that time period. It will include resistance training, which can encompass bands, straps, slides, free-weights, machines, balls and more, along with cardiovascular training [Embrace Cardio!]. Cardio can include any of our brand new cardio equipment, or any of the great classes at The Fitness Clinic, or outside pursuits including running, swimming and biking. Again, your days and times will be determined by your schedule and needs.

The Good News

YOU MUST HAVE ONE OR TWO DAYS OFF EACH WEEK! That’s right, rest and recovery are as important as your exercise prescription, and should be written into your personal Ultimate Fitness Plan. As we consider measurable and quantifiable guaranteed results, we will press for a pre-test and post-test based on your chosen timeline, and update all the statistics compiled at your initial comprehensive fitness assessment – and update again at each of your timeline milestones as you progress.

Please call Fred or Nick at The Fitness Clinic gym in Fort Lauderdale for an appointment and tour, 954-491-4969 – you’ll like our private club atmosphere. Ask about the best personal training programs in South Florida.

The Fitness Clinic in Fort Lauderdale is Way More than a Gym – We’ll See You at Your Best!
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