How Much of What?

I just don’t have time to exercise” is the number one reason we hear at The Fitness Clinic when people aren’t coming in regularly. This article will answer the question, “How much do I really have to exercise to have it benefit me?” To expand on that thought, “What kind of exercise should I be doing for maximum results?” At The Fitness Clinic, we’ve had a scientific philosophy since 1984 that really has not changed much, in an industry that’s changed a great deal. We have seen such great results with the clients who follow our program, why dramatically change it? …As it’s been said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We recommend doing resistance exercise two or three times each week for 20-30 minutes. By carefully choosing the exercises, you can tone, strengthen and keep your muscles and bones and burn more calories all day every day. We also recommend doing cardio-vascular exercise for 20-30 minutes three times each week. By keeping your heart rate at the correct level, you can improve cholesterol numbers, strengthen your heart, have more energy, burn significant calories and improve your overall health and fitness. We recommend a few minutes of stretching after each workout and of course a healthy eating plan to round out a great program of wellness. All this can be achieved in less than three hours each week. We look at it as an investment of your time. The returns on this investment are beyond measure.

Have questions about your exercise program? Know someone who could really benefit from exercise? Let us give them a call, they’ll thank you later. Give me a call or give them my number – Fred Williams, 954-491-4969

Staying on Track

One of the most challenging aspects of a fitness program is consistency, if you could be more consistent with exercise, you would see more results. One of the most important aspects of a fitness program is what you do with the time you spend exercising. These aspects are maximized through proper exercise programming. Exercise programming can be broken down into four categories, Frequency (How often), Intensity (How hard), and Time (How long), then selection (What you do). If we know what your goals are, we can create a program that will most effectively and efficiently accomplish them with no time wasted.

In today’s society, being busy is just a reality, in most people’s lives, maximizing your time spent at the gym is simply a wise decision. In short, make your gym minutes count, make sure what you’re doing is helping you work toward your goals.

If you feel you’re not getting the results you want or you’re not as consistent as you would like to be, you should consider a 1-time-per-week Personal Training program. When you have an appointment each week with a trainer, you will exercise more consistently. You will invest your exercise minutes more wisely. You will get better results. Our mission as your personal trainer is multidimensional :

– to understand your goals
– to consider the amount of time you allocate to fitness
– to guarantee what you’re doing is best for you

Results are our #1 concern for all of our clients.

The accountability that a trainer represents as well as the personalized exercise programming, may be what is needed to help you reach your fitness goals. Call me today to set up your personal ultimate fitness program – Fred Williams, at 954-491-4969